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Client Engagement Profile


When BDSS engages your company we build a engagement profile to understand your organization and you the customer understands what delivery services BDSS will provide. 



1. Introduction

Provides information about the purpose of the evaluation, and what stakeholders are––or need to be––involved in the evaluation. 


2. Description of What is Being Evaluated

Provides detailed information about what you are evaluating. In this section describe the need, context, target population, and stage of development of what is being evaluated. You will also provide information on inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes and will develop a logic model of what you are evaluating. 


3. Evaluation Design 

Provides information on how you will design your evaluation. Provide information on evaluation questions, stakeholder information needs emerging from the evaluation, and the evaluation design.


4. Data Collection 

Provides information on how you will collect/compile data for your evaluation. Provide information on methods by which you will collect/compile data, and how those methods are related to the evaluation questions you identified.


5. Data Analysis and Interpretation 

Provide information on what indicators and standards you will use to judge success, how you will analyze your evaluation findings, and how you will interpret and justify your conclusions.


6. Communication and Reporting

Provides information about how information from the individual evaluation plan process and results will be used and shared. 


7. Evaluation Management 

Provides information about how the individual evaluation will be managed and implemented and who will participate in what capacity. It will also provide a timeline for conducting activities related to this evaluation. 

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