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Data Protection and Security services:


BDSS has a three stage approach to creating your roadmap for a concept of operations.


Stage 1 - Discovery

Stage 2 - Assessment

Stage 3 - Implementation


Privacy concerns exist where Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected  and stored. Improper or non-existent disclosure control can be the root cause for privacy issues. BDSS follows best practices to secure and limit access to data.


BDSS provides best practices for on-site security consulting,

penetration and vulnerability testing and compliance assessments. With our proven processes BDSS will deliver a secure environment.

Analytics, Data and BI services


As computing power increases and data from mobile and internet devices continue to accumulate, new data solutions and concerns will continue to increase. 


We specialize in:

  • Turning data to intelligence 

  • Large or small data

  • Structured to semi and unstructured data

  • Web data to highly sensitive data

We are your partner.


Our data solutions include but not limited to:
•    Data strategy
•    Master Data Management
•    Data Governance 
•    Business Intelligence
•    Data Warehousing
•    DataMarts
•    Relational and columnar database
•    Onsite and cloud solutions
•    Big Data and analytics
•    Forecasting
•    Advance and predictive analytics
•    Real time Streaming data and analytics 
•    Semantic search
•    Ontology / Taxonomy


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